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Contact info:


post-mail office:
Jordan Dimitrov, Room Q3.04
Queen's Building,
De Montfort University,
Mill Lane,
Leicester LE2 7DR, UK

telephone office: Sorry, do not have one. Use my GSM or skype instead.

post-mail home:
Jordan Dimitrov
25 Home Close
Kibworth Beauchamp
Leicester LE8 0JT, UK

telephone home: ++44 (0)116 279 1513

GSM: ++44 (0)7754626394 - SMS will reach me anywhere :)

skype name: (help with skype contacts)

PhD thesis (it's a pdf file).

MSc thesis from Sofia University in Bulgarian (it's a bzip2-ed .ps file).

For my photo gallery - please come here (it's about 1.5MB of pictures).

For some pictures of Bulgarian carpets - please come here. These carpets were all made by mother back in Bulgaria. God Bless Her!

If you have comments or suggestions, email me at

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