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Developing a Service-Based Information Systems Strategy

Paper given by Neil McBride at the UK Academy of Information Systems Conference, Leeds, April 10-12 2002

Ph.Ds in IT Service Management by distance learning.

The Centre now offers Ph.Ds, full-time, part-time or by distance learning.

New paper by Ivor Perry and Neil Doherty on The Cultural Impact of Workflow Management Systems in the Financial Services Sector in the Service Industries Journal. See Abstract

Call Prioritisation Systems in IT Help Desks

How do IT Help Desks decide who has priority call on its services? This paper considers the issue of call prioritisation. Using a case study, it looks at how an organisation actually used a call priority system and then considers how such systems should actually be used.

A Biological Model for Adaptive Evolutionary Information Systems. 

Self-evolving information system which adapt to changes in the organisational environment will be based on biological models. Neil McBride's new paper draws on ideas from molecular biology to illustrate how such a system might work. These systems would shift the focus of IT service management away from the technical to the maintenance of business processes. 

Relationship-Based IT Evaluation

Are there better ways of evaluating the value of IT in an organisation? We think there are. By looking at the relationships affected by an information system, we can examine the value of the information system to that relationship.

How to turn IT into a service

See Neil McBride's article in the September issue of The Computer Bulletin. 



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