River and Lake - Near Real Time Products

The River and Lake system has been put live over Africa, delivering accurate height data over major lakes and rivers on the African continent, within a few days of data collection by the Envisat RA-2 Radar Altimeter. The EAPRS system permits access to accurate water heights without the need for ground measurements.
Red lakes/rivers are the targets for near real time products.
This system gives, for the first time, access to heights not only in major lakes, but at multiple sites across the major river networks, increasing the information available to water resource management agencies. This near-real time system will be rolled out to a global monitoring system within the next year. These new products are available from the E.S.A. River and Lake Project Web site.

River and Lake - Second Sample Products

As part of the E.S.A. River and Lake project, two sets of products have been released for evaluation over selected targets. The first release contained time series for Rivers Congo, Nile, Amazonas, Negro, Jutai, Embira; Lakes Kyoga, Nasser, Victoria, Tana and Mai-Ndombe. The second release added Rivers Senegal and Rhine; Lakes Volta, Ontario, Dos Patos, Dongting and Balkash; and the La Grande Riviere reservoir while updating the earlier product formats in response to user feedback.

The sample products can be obtained by contacting the . Alternatively, the sample products can be downloaded from the E.S.A. River and Lake Project web site.

As an example, time series for 5 RLH sample products from different parts of the Amazonas River are plotted together below.