Inland Water

Measurement and monitoring of inland surface water is key to understanding both climate signatures and to assessing anthropogenic use. With the increasing use of remote sensing techniques to measure both changing water levels and surface extent of river and lake systems, this page has been created to provide information and links to publically available resources on this topic. Information on inland water is being encoded as an additional layer within forthcoming Digital Elevation Models; these data also form a critical input to satellite data processing chains. Increasingly, hydrologogical modellers are utilising both public domain DEMs to model remote rivers, and are requiring information on maximum and minimum heights of inland water to inform their large scale climate studies. Altimeter derived River and Lake height timeseries may be found at:

  • ESA River and Lake

  • USDA crop explorer

  • Hydroweb

  • Several large scale initiatives are underway in a series of regional developments to include both in-situ and remotely sensed data. Links to key initiatives are given here:

  • ESA TIGER initiative

  • World Meterological Organisation WHYCOS program

  • For more information on hydrology related software please visit the software page.

    Please note that river maps are no longer available from Digital Chart of the World but can now be found at Natural Earth.

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