Fuzzy Logic Sources of Information

This source is constantly changing but is an attempt to draw as many of the sources of fuzzy logic information together. 

My personal fuzzy logic bibliography is available here - mainly references to type 2 and interval valued fuzzy sets but also some other relating to determining membership functions, some neural networks and some neuro fuzzy. 

Available online is a working paper on fuzzy inferencing systems which describes fuzzy inferencing systems and discusses many of the issues faced by fuzzy systems developers.

I am particularly interested in type 2 fuzzy sets and have published some work in this area. Here is a description of my work on type 2 sets as well as more details about the activities of my PhD students. We now have a site dedicated to type-2 fuzzy logic.

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Fuzzy Logic Workers

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If you have any sites of interest relating to any area of fuzzy logic that I can add please e-mail me on rij@dmu.ac.uk