Dr. Richard Howley PGCE BSc MSc PhD

Head of Studies Faculty of Technology

What I do .


*      Head of Studies - The faculty Head of Studies provides effective leadership within the faculty by way of strategy, policy and decision making and management of academic undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across the faculty.


*      Teach and develop academic and professional programmes of study in digital forensics. My professional qualifications in digital forensics include:

Certified Forensic Investigation Analyst (see http://www.7safe.com/computer_forensics_training_course.htm)

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (see http://www.firebrandtraining.co.uk/uk/forensics.asp)

XRY Certified Mobile Phone Examiner (see http://www.msab.com/home/page.php)


*      Research Associate in the Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility (CCSR). My research interests are:

1.    Data Protection and Privacy focusing on the involvement of IS/IT personnel in designing compliant systems

2.    Forensic investigation of computer systems and in particular the procedures and practices of digital evidence acquisition, analysis and management. I am also developing research links into the professional and moral aspect of the forensic investigation of digital evidence

*      Supervise postgraduate and final year degree projects and PhDs.

         Some notes on undertaking a research project is it right for you?

Contact Details:

*       Tel: 0116 207 8268

*       Fax: 0116 207 8159

*       Email: rgh@dmu.ac.uk

Last Updated: March 2014