The RS232 Simulator is the end product of my MSc project. The program was written in Visual Basic 2 and was intended to replace the use of costly hardware. The program works pretty well and every now and then I get nice e-mails off people who tell me they are still using it.

The sad thing is that I seem to have misplaced the source code, so no modifications can be made until I track it down.

For anybody who still knows or cares what RS232 is I hope this is of use to you.

RS232 Simulator 16 Bit Version

For Windows 3.nn. (Version 2.03)

Disk 1

RS232 Simulator 32 Bit Version

For Windows 95/8 & NT (Version 3.00)

Disk 1

Disk 2

Known Problems with the software

1. If you type enough characters to fill either text window at grossly different baud rates, strange characters cause the text windows to display confusing output when you put the baud rate back to the same at both ends. The simplest way to cure this is to clear the text window (if you think this is happening) and all should be well. (Select OPTIONS and CLEAR TEXT.)

2. The bit patterns are not communicated correctly under a fairly obscure set of conditions. If either side is set to 5 data bits, baud rate <9600, with odd or even parity then the bit patterns are not correct. I am looking into this as it seems to be a problem with the calculations at the core of the software.

3. It now runs really fast on modern systems. When I wrote the program it was on a slow 386 and you could still see what happened when one side transmits to the other. On a modern PC - not a chance!

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