Dr. Mario Gongora

Teaching Material

Home: http://www.cse.dmu.ac.uk/~mgongora

My Teaching support material

2nd Year Modules
Intro To AI and Mobile Robotics CSCI2405

3rd Year Modules
Telemetry Labs. Refer to the Telemetry page from Eric

MSc Modules
Mobile Robots COMP5121
CIR Evolutionary Computing COMP5232
IT Computer Systems COMP5102

Introduction to Robotics
Introdcution to Mobile Robots slides IntroRobotics_2009.pdf


CPRJ3451: My Proposals.

Support material which is not current. For Reference Only!

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence CSCI2412
NN and Genetic Algorithms CSCI3405

Week3.java, Program containing COMP1006 2003 Sem2 Week 3 covered subjects.
EasyIn.class, The EasyIn library, (Save it in your java working Folder).