Dr. Mario Gongora
2nd Year, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, CSCI2412
Teaching Material

Email: mgongora@dmu.ac.uk
Home: http://www.cse.dmu.ac.uk/~mgongora

Please Note: This is material from a previous year. Not current! Use for reference Only


The following notes are available for revision purposes. They are a VERY succinct explanation of the material covered in the relevant part of the module. They should help to stress the most important parts of the material, and to understand how the detailed material (bellow) is organised.

If you learn, understand and remember these revision notes in a clear simple way, you should be able to understand the exam questions very clearly, and this will help to organise you answers with the knowledge extracted from the detailed material.

·Fuzzy Logic Revision Notes.
·Genetic Algorithms Revision Notes.

Lecture Notes:
·Lectures 1 and 2 (Weeks 16,17).
·Lectures 3 and 4 (Weeks 18,19).
·Lecture 5 (Weeks 20).
· Review of Fuzzy Logic - Lecture 6 (week 21)
· Discuss Coursework - Lecture 7 (week 22)

· Introduction to GAs - Lecture 8 (week 23)
· Solving problems with GAs - Lecture 9 (week 24)
· The Detailed Genetic Algorithm - Lecture 10 (week 25)
· Review of GAs - Lecture 11 (week 29)

· Coursework 2 (FL) FLcw_handout

· Lab 7 (week 21) Fuzzy Logic Toolbox.
· Lab 8 (week 22) Identifying the Fuzzy Logic Coursework.
· Lab 9 (week 23) Portfolio reflection on Fuzzy Logic Coursework.
· Lab 10 (week 24) GA basics using GA_demo.
· Lab 11 (week 25) Conclusion and Portfolio Reflection of GA basics using GA_demo.

Some additional Resources:
· Online Fuzzy Logic resources: Fuzzy Logic Web Tutorial, The Matlab Toolbox Fuzzy Logic Tutorial, And a Simple Introduction to Fuzzy Logic.