Dr. M. Góngora

CPRJ3451 project Proposals

The projects are focused toward graphical and/or web based developments or demonstrations of applications of Artificial Intelligence, specifically Evolutionary programming.

They involve the development of the software for the simulation or solution of the stated problems, and an eye-catching graphical interface to: provide the I/O process and display the results in the most attractive way and as clear possible.

You do NOT need to develop the Artificial Intelligence technique and theory from scratch if you do not want. You may seek help in this part from your supervisor, postgraduate students, or use examples from a book or article. Your own development is centered mainly in implementing the technique in the computer, and in the web interface and deployment.


· Interactive Web-based Genetic Paradigm Demo: Implement and demonstrate the solution for a classical problem (e.g. Traveller Salesman or The inverted Pendulum) using Genetic programming. Present the application as an interactive web page that can show graphically the evolution process and the results of the run.

· Evolution of a Collaborative Behaviour scheme for autonomous vehicles: Simulation and evolution of traffic organization behaviour in a set of mobile robots travelling in an environment similar to the common roads. Demonstrate the behaviour in a graphical representation of roads, interchanges and Parking places (docking stations).

· Evolution of Collective Behaviour: Basic simulation and evolution of organised asymmetric colour shapes and patterns using cellular automata with colour differentiation. This application has to be developed as a modular piece of software that can be used either as a library for further programming or to be used via a web page interface.