Dr. Mario Gongora


TEL: +44 0116 207 8226
Fax:+44 (0)116 2078159


Dr. Gongora is a Principal lecturer in the Department of Informatics, Faculty of Technology at De Montfort University. He got his MSc and PhD from the University of Warwick (UK).

He is part of the Centre for Computational Intelligence, and his research includes the application of Artificial Intelligence techniques to the identification, modelling, simulation and control of complex systems; particularly using evolutionary computing and biologically inspired methods.

He has ongoing projects in this area, mainly applied to Biomedical processes and in the control and decision making for Autonomous Mobile Robots.

Dr. Gongora also works in close contact with industry, applying his research results in the analysis of consumer behaviour and other complex industrial processes.

He has an active role in the Faculty's consultancy activities, taking the expertise from the University to Industry.

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Artificial Intelligence.
Mobile robotics.
Programming in C and Java.

CPRJ3451: My Proposals.


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