MAN - Multimedia and Audiology Network

Faculty of Technology - Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

De Montfort University


The MAN research seminar series has been joined with the Department of Media Technology and the IOCT ones, forming the Joint Interactive and Creative Technologies (JICT) research seminar series.

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Seminars Plan

Funded by the Revolving Investment Fund 2010 (RIF 2010, DMU)

Coordinator: Dr. Lorenzo Picinali (

Project Summary - see also video interview

High quality research and clinical practice in the field of Media Technology and Audiology exist across DMU, together with resources in terms of both academic staff and facilities (in the Fused Media Lab, more than 400k pounds have been invested for technical equipment), yet there is currently little connection between Faculties and their various research centres.

The aim of this project is to establish a multimedia and audiology network which will provide a platform for internationally leading research, resulting in high quality outputs and enabling DMU to successfully bid for research funding in this growing field.