Lorenzo Picinali
Address   Dr. Lorenzo Picinali
Faculty of Technology
De Montfort University
The Gateway, Leicester
Room GH 6.62
Phone +44 116 207 8051
E-mail lpicinali@dmu.ac.uk

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    I am a Senior Lecturer in Music/Audio Technology and the Head of Research Operations in the Faculty of Technology at DMU. I am also the coordinator of the Interactive and Media Technologies (IMT) research group. In the past years I have worked in Italy (Universita degli Studi di Milano), France (LIMSI-CNRS and IRCAM) and UK on projects related with 3D binaural sound rendering, interactive applications for the blind, multi-modal interaction metaphors and techniques, data sonification, audiology and audiometric techniques, audio and haptic interaction and, more in general, acoustic virtual and augmented reality.
I have authored and co-authored over 50 scientific publications in international journals, international conference proceedings and book chapters. In the past 5 years I was awarded over 2.5m pounds for various research projects, both as CI and PI, by national and EU funding bodies, and I am currently the coordinator of the Horizon2020-funded 3D-Tune-In EU project. I am a reviewer for the IEEE-Consumer Electronic Magazine, the Journal of Interdisciplinary Music Studies, the Royal Academy of Engineering and AHRC, and I have been invited to present my research to various national and international venues.

Current research projects  

3D-Tune-In - Lorenzo Picinali is the Project Coordinator for this EU-H2020 ICT project on the calibration and evaluation of hearing aid devices using acoustic VR and videogames. The project will start on the 1st of March 2015

VR Interactive Applications for the Blind - in collaboration with Dr. Brian FG Katz (LIMSI-CNRS, France) and Dr. Tony Stockman (Queen Mary University of London) - see also video interview

Audio Tactile Maps - in collaboration with Chris Feakes (IMT, De Montfort University) and Dr. Douglas Cawthorne (Faculty of Art & Design & Humanities, De Montfort University)

Haptic Control of Multistate Generative Music Systems - in collaboration with Dr. Bret Battey and Mr. Marinos Giannouakis (MTI - De Montfort University)

Loss and Gain - Assisting hearing, expanding listening - in collaboration with Dr. Pete Batchelor (MTI, De Montfort University) and Dr. Ximena Alarcon

Digital Building Heritage - in collaboration with Dr. Douglas Cawthorne (Faculty of Art & Design & Humanities, De Montfort University) and other members of the Digital Building Heritage Group

The Sound of Proteins - in collaboration with Dr. Huseyin Secker and Charalambos Chrysostomou (CCI - De Montfort University) - see also video interview

Audio-Haptics comparative study for the discrimination of spectral characteristics - in collaboration with Dr. Brian FG Katz (LIMSI-CNRS, France) and Chris Feakes (IMT - De Montfort University)

Evaluating the effectiveness of asymmetrical directional microphone configurations on BTE hering aids - in collaboration with Prof. Silvano Prosser (Universita di Ferrara, Italy) - see also video interview

MemeNet - in collaboration with Prof. Ferrante Neri and Mr. Fabio Caraffini (CCI, De Montfort University)

SASSy: Sensory Articulation Speech System - in collaboration with Mrs. Pip Cornelius (HLS - De Montfort University), Dr. Dylan Menzies (De Montfort University) and Prof. Bob John (University of Nottingham)

Areas of Interest  

Binaural Auralization - HRTF calculation and synthesis, performance of individualized and non-individualized HRTFs, distance perception and simulation of the distance cues, psychophysiology of the spatial hearing perception

3D audio virtual reality applications for the blind

Room Acoustics - creation and auralization of room models, real-time 3D audio navigation systems

Audio-haptics interaction design and multimodal interfaces

Audiology and Audiometric Techniques - audio-prosthetic techniques, subjective and objective evaluation of audio quality and speech intelligibility with hearing aids, auditory spatial perception with hearing aids

Assisted living technologies

Other - IR measurement techniques, sonification, sound recording, mixing and mastering techniques

Teaching areas  

Musical and architectural acoustics
Psychoacoustics and hearing aids technology
Acoustic prediction and auralization techniques
Sound recording, mixing and mastering techniques
3D sound recording, synthesis and reproduction techniques
Software: MaxMSP (with Javascript); DAW such as Pro Tools, Logic, Digital Performer, etc; CATT-Acoustic


TECH3011 - Studio Technology      Studio acoustics, acoustic prediction and auralization with CATT-Acoustic
TECH2035 - Audio Production II      Musical acoustics and advanced audio recording techniques
TECH1020 - Introduction to Audio Production and Systems      Introduction to DSP, basic acoustic principles, sound recording and mixing techniques

  Various links and downloads

Click on the following links to listen to binaural recordings and simulations (obviously, listen with a pair of headphones!):
Reverberant Room            Train Station            Where am I?

Click here to download my Ambisonic-based MaxMSP binaural spatialization patch

Click here to download the book chapter Spatial Audio Applied to Research with the Blind , written with Brian FG Katz (LIMSI-CNRS)

Video interview on Virtual reality for the blind

Video interview on Sound of proteins

Video interview on Multimedia and Audiology Network