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    Dr Picinali is a Senior Lecturer in Music/Audio Technology in the Department of Media Technology at DMU and an active researcher in the Virtual Reality and Assisted Living (ViR.AL) and Interactive and Media Technologies (IMT) research groups. After graduation from the Computer Science Department of the Universita degli Studi di Milano, Italy, in July 2005, he moved to DMU to start a PhD in Music and Technology titled "The Creation of a Binaural Spatialization Tool". In June 2007 he moved to take up a full-time research position in Paris, but continued his PhD studies in his own time, having re-registered as a part-time student at DMU. In Paris he worked as a researcher for LIMSI-CNRS and IRCAM on various projects linked to data sonification, binaural auralization and VR environments for the blind (see following section). In January 2009 he moved back to DMU to work as a full-time lecturer in the Faculty of Technology, and in May 2010 he successfully completed his PhD. The collaboration with IRCAM and LIMSI-CNRS is still active with projects in audio-haptic interaction and data sonification. Between September 2005 and December 2008 Dr Picinali has also been employed as an external consultant in various research projects with GNReSound Italia, LIM (Universita degli Studi di Milano) and the Audiology Department of the University of Ferrara. This research has focused upon the objective and subjective audio quality evaluation of hearing aids, spatial hearing perception, and 3D sound algorithms for hearing aids.
Over the past 6 years, Dr. Picinali published various international and international conference papers, international journal papers and two book chapters, and has been invited to present his work in various national and international venues.
Current research projects  

Lorenzo Picinali current research summary

VR Interactive Applications for the Blind - in collaboration with Dr. Brian FG Katz (LIMSI-CNRS, France) and Dr. Tony Stockman (Queen Mary University of London) - see also video interview

Non-invasive calibration of fitted paediatric hearing aids - in collaboration with Dr. Aldo Rona (University of Leicester) and Prof. Chris Morfey (University of Southampton)

The Sound of Proteins - in collaboration with Dr. Huseyin Secker and Charalambos Chrysostomou (CCI - De Montfort University) - see also video interview

Audio-Haptics Interaction - in collaboration with Dr. Brian FG Katz (LIMSI-CNRS, France) and Chris Feakes (IMT - De Montfort University)

Evaluating the effectiveness of asymmetrical directional microphone configurations on BTE hering aids - in collaboration with Prof. Silvano Prosser (Universita di Ferrara, Italy). This project is included in the larger Multimedia and Audiology Network (MAN) project, see also video interview

SASSy: Sensory Articulation Speech System - in collaboration with Mrs. Pip Cornelius (HLS - De Montfort University), Dr. Dylan Menzies (IMT - De Montfort University) and Prof. Bob John (CCI - De Montfort University)

Surgeon Training Device: integration of haptic devices with game technologies - in collaboration with Dr. Samad Ahmadi (CCI and ViR.AL - De Montfort University), Ms. Emilija Zukauskaite and Mr. Ranjit Nair (ViR.AL - De Montfort University)

Areas of Interest  

Audio Signal Processing

Music Technology

Binaural Auralization - click on the following links to listen to binaural recordings and simulations (obviously, listen with a pair of headphones!):
Reverberant Room
Train Station
Where am I?
Click here to download my MaxMSP binaural spatialization patch

Audio-Haptics Interaction Design and Multimodal Interfaces

Audiology and Audiometric Techniques

Virtual Reality Interactive Applications for the Blind


TECH2035 Audio Production 2 - Click to download module information

TECH1020 Introduction to Audio Production and Systems - Click to download module information

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download Lorenzo Picinali's CV (long version)
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download the book chapter "Spatial Audio Applied to Research with the Blind", written with Brian FG Katz (LIMSI-CNRS)