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Hugh G. Sasse

System administrator and system programmer in the Applied Electromagnetics Research Group, also providing support for some others in Engineering.

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Sun related info

Solaris10 docs.
Solaris9 docs.
Solaris8 docs.
Solaris7 docs.
Solars2.5.1 docs
Basic Principles of Printing in Solaris[tm] 2.6 and Above.
Useful for people moving from BSD style printing to SysV style. There is also this Unix PrintingSeems to have gone (20-NOV-2003) document, which has good information, which although focussed on Canon printers is more widely applicable. See also HP-UX/Sun Interoperability Cookbook: 12. Printing. sunhelp's Unix Sys Admin Resources has Printing and plotting which is also good.
Free software in Solaris package format. See also (UK mirror).
SE toolkit
The Virtual_adrian performance monitoring tools
Sunsolve Online.
dotsrc formerly
Q Associates (for UK Academia).
Sun's HotJava site.
a WWW browser supporting animation and other programmed pages
FAQs, Patches, & Other Information [Sun].
From the Unix Sys Admin Resources of sunhelp.
Solaris 2 FAQ.
Sunrise Computer Services.
Supply Sparc Clones
Workstations UK.
Supply Sparc Clones
First Alternative.
Sun, Perl, and Linux training

DEC/Digital/Compaq/Tru64 information.
Allows searching of newsgroups for pertinent info
Digital Unix Documentation Library.
Administering User Accounts and Groups with Advanced Server.
Upgrading the ASU software.

FrameMaker Information.

Adobe WWW site.
Adobe acquired Frame and will be merging things together over the next few months
Framemaker FAQ
Frank Stearns Associates
Indexing and ASCII generation tools for Framemaker
for Webmaker but it has been discontinued (at least 01-MAR-2000)
make a Frame to HTML tool which is what Frame based the one in Frame 5 on.
Softline International, Inc
commercial providers of filters and other software to go with Framemaker.

TeX/LaTeX Information.

The Complete TeX Archive Network (CTAN).
The UK TeX Archive.
The UK TeX Users' Group.
The LaTeX Project.
The teTeX homepage.
from the TeX User Group.
The TeX FAQ from comp.text.tex.
See also TeX FAQ from UK TUG, which is expanded.
LaTeX Math[s] Symbols.
Sources for TeX freeware and Shareware.
PGF/TikZ Drawing for LaTaX.
Asymptote Another drawing system for LaTaX.
LyX a word processor for LaTeX
See also this LyX page.
Lout Home Page
A system similar to LaTeX. The home page seems to have gone at the moment (17-MAR-2015) but the code can be found on Savannah.
More geared to producing documentation (man pages and .CHM files, as well as PDFs) than books, but has indexing support, and hyperlinks.
Authorea - Write your papers in your browser.
In its early stages (07-MAR-2013), allows papers to be written in LaTeX or markdown, figures to be added, and version control, collaboration, to be done online. I have not tried this yet.
LaTeX for the Web. Claims to be faster than MathJax, which is more widely known.

Matlab, Octave, Scilab, etc.

Matlab Tutorial.
GNU Octave Documentation. (See also (Miraimath, a GUI for Octave. Possibly unmaintained since 2009.)
Scilab Documentation.
ASCEND modelling Environment.
More of a mathematical Object Oriented simulation and equation solving environment than a symbolic maths package. GNU GPL Free Software.
SMath Studio - a non-pay apparently Non-Free-Software program for symbolic maths.
it has HTTPS access to an SVN repository but the certificates are invalid, and it is Russian. I don't know what to make of this program, especailly since the information about the licence is well hidden. According to Wikipedia, it has a Creative Commons Attributions-No-Derivs licence, and is very like MathCad.
Maxima - a Computer Algebra System.
A GPL "system for the manipulation of symbolic and numerical expressions, including differentiation, integration, Taylor series, Laplace transforms, ordinary differential equations, systems of linear equations, polynomials, and sets, lists, vectors, matrices, and tensors", to quote the home page. A Windows version is available. There is also useful information on the Wikipedia page about it.
The IPython Notebook.
Found from [HN:9004689]. There is an entry in the IPython wikipedia page about Notebooks.
Described as a "Free, lightweight alternative to Mathematica". Found on the SciRuby External Software page.
Simpler than Maxima, this is also available for Windows as well as Unix and GNU/Linux. It also has a good Wikipedia page.
Euler Math Toolbox.
There is a Wikipedia page about this, which explains that it is designed for higher level maths such as matrices, optimisation, calculus and statistics.
For the development of nonlinear statistical models. There is a Wikipedia paga about this.
The R Project for Statistical Computing.
A good place to note the existence of Evan Miller's Statistical Formulas for Programmers.
GPL, combining many things under Python, aiming to give an alternative to Maple and Matlab. No native port for Windows for the latest versions. Use virtualisation instead.
Axiom, a modified-BSD-licenced computer algebra system.
This seems to lack a GUI at the moment. It has been forked to OpenAxiom and FriCAS, both modified-BSD-licenced.
Open Modelica.
A modelling and simulation package. This can do mathematical and physical modelling, as far as I can tell. I've not explored this in depth yet. There is a tutorial which seems very clear, though for those familiar with simulation in other contexts it takes a while to get started.
GNU Datamash.
showed up as [HN:8130149]. This is a tool for statistical manipulation of data formatted in columns suitable for Unix sort. There are examples and a manual.
showed up as [HN:13751389]. It is a tool for processing CSV, TSV, JSON, etc files, but not by index, by heading name instead. It is similar to datamash above, but is described as being more like awk, sed, grep cut with features of SQL and some stats.

Microsoft Word, etc. Information.

The Word MVP Site FAQs.
Shauna Kelly's Word Site.
Creating and Numbering Equations with Microsoft Word 2007.
Five Word Tips That Could Change Your Life.
Well, 5 that I wanted to find again and could not do so easily, anyway.
Keyboard Shortcuts for Foreign Characters.
Latin Alphabet special characters in Microsoft Word.
The number followed by <ALT-x> is a way of entering Unicode, according to Swedish vowel symbols, how to write them with keyboard.
The Spreadsheet Page.
Lots of Excel tips. See also Michael Wood's The method of least squares – using the Excel Solver.
There is a Rubygem axlsx for generating xlsx spreadsheets from Ruby. Found from HN specifically here.

X Windows Information.

the Open Group.
See Desktop Technologies Portal and in particular see The X Window System ®.
The X consortium.
Aims to provide the X11 community with a large information resource of all things X.
Lesstif (UK Mirror)
A free Widget set like Motif®
The Fast Light Tool Kit Home Page
FLTK is an LGPL'd C++ graphical user interface toolkit for X (UNIX®), OpenGL, and WIN32 (Microsoft® Windows® NT 4.0, 95, or 98). There are Python and Perl wrappers for it, too. See also wxWindows.
X Windows Managers Page.
From Matt Chapman.
Mercator Project.
Providing Access to Graphical User Interfaces for Computer Users Who Are Blind
Disability Access Committee for X windows (DACX)
from the Trace Centre Gopher site. See also DACX WWW pages.
X11-big-cursor mini-HOWTO
Describes a partial solution, and how other solutions could be achieved. Listed at Unix and Linux Software toolkit [for accessibility].
Fig & XFig
A drawing package for X. This information has moved to my diagramming page.
XFree86 Project (UK Mirror)
There is also Cygwin/XFree86. This gives access to X on Windows platforms through Cygwin.

Image Processing Information.

Imaging Research Group
HELIX - the Higher Education Library Image eXchange
ImageMagick home page.
See also GraphicsMagick, a fork of ImageMagick.
AGOCG - Advisory Group on Computer Graphics
Active Imaging.
includes Data Cell.
ALRAD Instruments.
British Machine Vision Association.
Computer Recognition Systems.
Data Cell.
Data Translation.
Hitachi Denshi (UK) Limited.
Land Infrared.
Logical Vision Limited.
visual programming tools for image processing. Seems to be called WiT now.
produce VISILOG software.
Optimum Vision.
StockerYale, Inc..(formerly LASIRIS)
Speciality optical fiber, optical networking components and specialised illumination systems.
TVI was Temet Vision.
Colour linescan cameras
UK Industrial Vision Association.
Vision Base.
Westminster University Imaging Technology Research Group
United Medical and Dental School Image Processing Group
Pilot European Image Processing Archive, at Essex
Delft Pattern Recognition group.
SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering.
this is slow at the moment.
Morphology Information
From the Morphology Digest.
Wavelet Resources Page.
See also The Wavelet Digest Page and a wavelet tutorial.
sci.image.processing FAQ (UK copy)
includes various FAQs.
Poynton's Colour Technology Page.
A Japanese list of Imaging links (in English).
vtk Visualisation toolkit.
S. Baum's Software for Graphics and Data Analysis.
The 3D Engines List.
3D Ark host the 3D Ring Web ring
POV-Ray Persistence of Vision Ray tracer (or without frames).
See also Warp's VFAQ, Another POV-Ray FAQ. The On-Line POV-Ray Tutorial. FAQ.
Tacyon Parallel raytracer. Project entry.
Yet Another Simple Ray Tracer or Yet Another Set of Rendering Tools.
Tachyon Parallel / Multiprocessor Ray Tracing System

Data Visualisation.

Tools for data visualisation. See also Selected Tools from and Seven Command Line Tools for Data Science which has a lot of useful links in it.

This differs from circo which is part of graphviz; that arranges nodes and arcs into a circular layout. This does use a circular layout, but can do histograms, networks of lines, ribbons of varying thickness, and more, all with colour support. It is written in Perl.
An implementation of The Pic language for diagramming. See also Making Pictures with GNU PIC, found from [HN:9802843].
See also Outline to Graphviz found from [HN:9836430].
Found from [HN:13597068]. Data exploration and visualization tool.
Protovis is no longer maitained, but may suffice and be simpler for things than its successor D3, as far as I can see from a quick look.
Found from [HN:13597068]. This is a (business) data query and visualization tool.
Airbnb's Superset.
Found from [HN:13597068]. Data exploration and visualization tool
TOPCAT Tool for Operations on Catalogs And Tables
Vega - a visualization grammar
VisIt [1].
VisIt Users Wiki.
A python library for 3D visualisation using opengl. Found from [HN:8289679].
CSV Fingerprints.
Allows a visual fingerprint of a CSV file. Source code is available at github with a (currently) MIT Licence. Found via Explained Visually, which was found from [HN:8608358].
Wikipedia's List of information graphics software
has a good source of packages, some of which I didn't know about. Discovered from this thread which gets updated on The thread has a good list of tools itself.
Matlab and Bryce.
This page has explanations of the .OBJ format and has routines for exporting data to it from Matlab.

Electromagnetic Compatibility, etc.

Includes anything to do with radio, EM simulation, as well as EMC specific information. Also related would be Scientific Computing with GNU/Linux which includes a whole host of tools, which, whilst not EMC specific, are worth knowing about.

The Applied Electromagnetics Group at De Montfort University.
these pages are in the early stages of development. There is an Intranet page, and my own intranet page there.
IEE Electromagnetics Professional Network.
Cineca UserDB.
Here because I need somewhere to keep it.
The Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society (ACES)
Visualizing E & M.

Numerical codes.

We use CST Design Studio for teaching and research at the moment. It is commercial.
CST training page.
CAMFR Cavity Modelling Framework.
An Eigenmode solver, intended for optics. GPL v2.
Another MOM (Method of Moments) code
Open Source Finite Element Software for Multiphysical Problems
emwave2d FDTD, GNU GPL v3.
EMpy Electromagnetic Python.
GetDP: a General Environment for the Treatment of Discrete Problems.
FDTD, for GNU/Linux, and Cygwin.
The MIT Photonic-Bands package.
Numerical Electromagnetics Code page.
4nec2 which is free, available for windwows, and plots fields, Koen Mouthaan's NEC-LIST archive is now searchable , WB6TPU's unofficial NEC Archives, W4RNL's home page, EZNEC Antenna Software by W7EL includes a free, 20 segment version, at the time of writing this (2011). Mininec Pro which is of the order of $30 (in 2015).
This includes EM solvers now, for electrostatics, permanent magnets, and magnetohydrodynamics..
TLM -- Transmission Line Modelling
PulseTLM (and on github) and other free EM packages from The CEMTACH Group.
Under SCATTPORT T-matrix codes it lists this open source 3D TLM program.
T-matrix seems to refer to a method for handling electromagnetic scattering by particles and surfaces. To build under Cygwin, we have been advised to try mkmf which seems to be here, though I'm not sure if that is the right place to look for it.
A Lattice Boltzman method for wave propagation based on the TLM method.
Includes code, benchmark data and documentation.
Internet Finite Element Resources.
Have a list of packages that can be obtained. Those that feature electromagnetics functionality include:
Numeric Python EM Project. has gone. See this forum posting for details, which refers to the cemtach site. A project to produce several different EM codes in Numeric Python.
Clawpack - Conservation Laws Package.
I'm not entirely sure what to make of this, as it relies on Riemann solvers,which I have not explored. The link may be useful to me later and to others now.
A list of Computational Electromagnetic Modeling Codes Available on the Internet.
Electromagnetic Scattering Codes from Thomas Wriedt
SCATTPORT Light Scattering Software.
Free [or nominal charge] Electromagnetics codes from The Clemson University Vehicular Electronics Laboratory.
From the Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory of the Missouri University of Science and Technology.
For short time Fourier transform of signals. Linux only.

Electromagnetics sites.

Nat Pryce's PhD Research.
Clyde Davenport's Electromagnetic theory page.
EMF Link
information on biological and health effects of electric and magnetic fields
EMF/RFR bioeffects and public policy

Electromagnetics related conferences and journals.

EMC Zurich Symposium homepage
(was at, which may be a mirror.
IWCS International Wire & Cable Symposium Home Page.
AMEREM 2002.
2001 IEEE AP-S/URSI Conference.
2002 IEEE AP-S/URSI Conference.
ICAP IEE International Conference on Antennas and Propagation 2001
International Wroclaw Symposium and Exhibition on Electromagnetic compatibility.
International Workshop on Computational Electromagnetics in the Time Domain.
International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electromagnetic Ecology.
EMC EUROPE 2002 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility.
NMP 2001 and BEMC 2001
National Measurement partnership
Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications
EMC + Compliance Journal.
IEE Proceedings all on one page.
Electronics Letters.
Electronics & Communication Engineering Journal.
IEEE Microwave and Guided Wave Letters has gone (28-APR-2004).
See also here.
IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation.
IEEE Transactions on Electromagnetic Compatibility.
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement.
IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques.
IEEE Journal of Selected Areas in Communications.

Radio related information.

The GNU Radio project.
This goes with hardware such as HackRF or Ettus USRP (software-defined radio). There will be others. I've not explored this area in any depth yet, and can't comment on these products. I put them here so I can find them, if I need to. See Universal Software Radio Peripheral.
The Low Power Radio Association.
This is for the low power radio industry (telemetry, remote control, alarms, etc).
G-QRP Club
is the Amateur Radio low power (QRP) club in the UK
Member Societies of the IARU
See also AARL (USA), RAC (Canada), DARC (Germany), RSGB (Great Britain).
ONElist Fractal Antenna Mailing list Subscription page.

PCB Fabrication related info.

PCB software at gEDA (GPL EDA) site.
Eagle CAD PCB design program
Gerbmerge for merging Gerber files.
There are additional notes about its use on a forum.
gbtiler is a program for merging Gerber files.

Fused Media Research Group

The Fused Media Research Group is interested in fusing reality with computer generated 3 dimensional displays, as used in Election coverage.

Collaborating companies
Who supply tOG-3D.
Graphics Formats and their handling
The Blender Wiki has a page of links to file formats.
See Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Advanced Tutorials/Python Scripting/Export scripts for information on scripting in Blender and Blender 2.71.0 - API documentation. Blending into Python wikibook. Blender Cookie from CGCookie. BPython API docs. BPython cookbook. Scripts section on The Blender Wiki. Scopia's resources - a site with blender models.
A 3d editor with a Vim-like interface, very command-line driven, and apparently scriptable. [HN:6886456].
.3ds lib3ds
A GPL'ed program for handling 3DS files, including animation.
A software Renderer.
Designed for clarity then speed, in C++. It doesn't seem to have a name other than renderer.
ASE File format
See also, and this explains that a search for FBX format is doomed.
About IGES. Wikipedia IGES page. NIST IGES project page.
.OBJ format.
OpenDWG Open Design Alliance.
may be useful as an open source CAD tool, for some of our purposes.
This will do pre- and post-processing for CAD, and possibly mesh conversion. It can be used for model creation. It is LGPL software.
Games Engines and related Sites.
DevMaster's Game and Graphics Engines Database.
Game Engines - GPWiki.
Specific Engines
Allegro under Giftware Licence.
ClanLib under BSD Style Licence.
CRM32Pro under LGPL, but uses some GPL libraries, so possibly GPL
Crystal Space 3D under LGPL (explained)..
Delta3D under LGPL with some libraries under GPL.
G3D under BSD + other open source. This is the basis for G3DRuby (cited on the Ruby Inside blog.)
Irrlicht under Zlib/libpng style licence.
JMonkeyEngine under BSD licence.
OGRE under LGPL (explained).
Panda3d under Panda Licence which is a Modified BSD style licence.
Generative Modelling Language.
A sketch program using Blob Trees (some kind of extension of Metaballs). I have no information on the file formats for this yet. Found on Wikipedia:3D Computer Graphics Software.
A Television program markup language and player. Allows scripting of characters defined in .obj format.
Machinima (Wikipedia).
A system for creating films using game engines or similar technology. See also,, and moviestorm, a system designed for creating machinima specifically.
Other related information (Miscellaneous)
The Alice System.
This system has a very intuitive interactive system for dealing with the graphical objects themselves, for moving about in the space etc. It uses a drag and drop system for creating the programs. The system was designed for teaching about programming, there are teaching materials avaiable for the Alice 2 system and for the Alice 3 system materials are under development. Alice 3 is more geared towards OO programming and Java.

Interfacing the Serial / RS-232 Port. Serial Communication object for Windows (V2.x) v2.0. There is also win32serial for ruby.

Database Information

A {key, value} store which will accept parallel access.
MySQL 4.1 Reference
The Appendices A. Problems and Common Errors and B. Error Codes and Messages may be of particular interest.
MySQL 5.0 Reference
The Appendices B.1. Problems and Common Errors and B. Error Codese and Messages may be of particular interest.
MariaDB, an enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL.
This has bindings for most "scripting" languages now, as well as C bindings. The documentation page includes a link to SQL As Understood By SQLite and it specifically mentions the Tcl API, for which also see the Activestate SQLite page, and the SQLite and Tcl page. There are very useful performance tips for SQLite on It it worth noting that there is an SQLite Database Browser from sourceforge.
There are manuals in HTML, and PDF. PgFoundry s the PostgreSQL Development Group's site for developing and publishing PostgreSQL-related software that is not part of the core product.

De Montfort University pages

DMU main home page.
Prospectus request form.
Subjects on offer.
Academic calendars.
Virtual Learning Environment (Blackboard) system.
Parking at DMU.
The DMU Intranet.
See my intranet search form which allows more things to be configured than the one on the intranet itself.
The Computer Science and Engineering faculty has some Computer Science and Engineering internal mailing lists information.
Engineering and Manufacture main home page.
Includes site roadmap and useful Web sites relevant to its work
DMU WWW page.
DMU FTP site.
DMU gopher (gopher:// R.I.P.
was terminated on 8-FEB-1999.
OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
from DMU Library and Information Services.
DMU E-mail Fax and Phone directory on the web site
There is also the DMU based VRFY address checker, available off my intranet page, and thus not available outside DMU. Similarly we now have an aliases database.

World Wide Web info.

This information has been moved to another page to save space. That page contains:

General | Reference | Courses | Accessibility | HTML Style | Browsers | Robots | VRML | Search Engines.

Print Book Sites.

This is a list of places for searching for print books, as opposed to electronic books, or online books.

Amazon UK, Amazon USA.
but see The GNU Boycott Amazon! page French, Irish mirrors). You can order paper books from them using the web.
Barnes and Noble.
The Internet Bookshop

Here are some publishers...

Academic Press
Addison Wesley Longman
See also the US Addison Wesley site.
The Blackwell Group
Includes links to the Oxford academic bookshop, and searching services, etc
Cambridge International Science Publishing
Cambridge University Press
Elsevier Science
Publishes in many fields of science and engineering.
McGraw Hill, and McGraw Hill UK.
O'Reilly and Associates
See O'Reilly's Open books, as well. This list of free programming books might as well go here. For want of somewhere to put it, Non-Uniform Random Variate Generation found from [HN:7967569] can go here as well.
Oxford University Press
Prentice Hall
Springer Verlag
John Wiley and Sons
See also The USA site
There are other publishers listed at these sites
Book Industry Communication

Audio books are available online from at least

General Information

Beowulf Project at CESDIS.
The PVM Home Page
See also: SPRNG -- Scalable Parallel Random Number Generator home page, and NHSE Review: Random Number Generators for Parallel Computers (1996 Volume Second Issue), The GNU Scientific Library which includes several RNGs, and The Internet Parallel Computing Archive, also M. Ben-Ari's page. MOSIX is a software package that enhance the Linux kernel with cluster computing capabilities. Monte Carlo Methods in Parallel Computing More generally on random numbers there is WWW Virtual Library: Random Numbers and Monte Carlo Methods. Quasi-Monte Carlo links page. Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods server Of course, Donald Knuth should not go unmentioned under this topic. Many of these came from Monte Carlo- and Quasi-Monte Carlo Methods page of Karl Entacher. DIEHARD -- a battery of tests for random number generators found linked off The RANROT page (see also the PLab Tests page). Bob Jenkins has some interesting info related to this, including ISAAC -- a random number generator.
My Agents page
May disappear if this is not worth pursuing for me.
Ants for Load Balancing in Telecommunications Networks.
Ant-based Load Balancing in Telecommunications Networks.
IAS group at UWE.
Diagramming Software.
LINK - The National Cash Network.
UK Public Transport Information.
Includes coach, rail, air, and ferry information.
(UK) National Rail Enquiries.
Seems to give different results from the above UK Public Transport Information site. Maybe cross reference
European Rail timetable information including UK.
Has been basically replaced by Libdex, an index to n libraries.
including BIDS and Ei Compendex®. You will need a password for these services
Rutherford Appleton Neutron Division.
Data Capture Handheld Ltd R.I.P.
American National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
Virtual Reality Society home page
UK Virtual reality home page
Edward de Bono Creativity article.
See also Idea Generation Methods, a very comprehensive list.
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
ThoughtTreasure home page
See also The Cycorp home page, and the Oracle ConText Data Sheet.
AI Web Resources.
Mobile Computing & Tech-nomad-ic wanderings page
is a link off Chris Hand's old home page which has lots of good links. He has a new home page now. [He doesn't hyphenate technomadic, but I read it as techno-mad-ic at first! :-) Maybe the ambiguity is deliberate?]
See also PDABuzz and and
Mark Skipper's home page.
Weather information page
Untried, untested online book sites
These generally only have stuff out of copyright, but I am no expert on where that stands. I have just heard about:
Delorie's C compiler for MSDOS.
O'Reilly and Associates.
Publishers of the Expect and Perl books, and other s/w related books.
Public Domain OCR software.
Nial language
a high level language based on nested arrays.
Datamining info.
World Wide Words.
A list of dictionaries on the WWW.
See also FOLDOC Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing, Onelook Dictionaries,,, Merriam-Webster Dictionary,'s Hypertext Webster Gateway.

Software Production Related Information

In the interests of keeping this page short I have moved my software related information to


Windows and DOS tools.
(These are not my bookmarks.)
Windows XP Run Commands and Shortcuts.
Many command names still remain the same in later versions.
Windows XP FAQ.
From Paul Thurott's SuperSite for Windows.
Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts.
Amanda The Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver
(The old home page was here.) Another compression program. Thanks to Axel Boldt (of Tkinfo fame) for telling me about this. There is a US Mirror site, but it seems to be out of date.
See also Archive Compression Tests. See also xz.
cURL - "a client that groks URLs"
A tool for getting things by URL. It is available from this download page. I have not tried this yet.
DebianLinux.Net :: System Management.
Links to many useful utilities for system management.
DDD Data Display Debugger
This UML CASE tool is in its early stages.
(Used to live at A utility for searching filesystems quickly. See also Namazu which is based on Perl and is used for text searches of the Ruby-Talk list.
Gnuplot is a 2- and 3-D graph plotting program, and was developed at Dartmouth College, not by the Free Software Foundation. (The FSF have Plotutils French, Irish mirrors), though. Plotutils is built around libplot and there is ruby-libplot, to use it with Ruby.). Gnuplot 3.5 is still housed at Dartmouth, but the Gnuplot 3.6 BETA releases are housed at The Condensed Matter Physics group at the University of Southampton. This is mirrored at which will take a while to load from Europe. You may also be interested in gd, a GIF library Gnuplot can use, and zlib and libpng from There is feedgnuplot, which takes data and drives gnuplot to accept it. I have not explored this yet. Also, the scientific plotting program Ploticus looks good, but I have not tried it yet.
Gzip French, Irish mirrors).
The Free Software Foundation's compression program. There is an MSDOS port (UK copy) of it available. The main Gzip home page is at See also xz.
The documentation about this package for hightlighting programming languages is in German followed by English. It is possible to do some of this using Vim,

for f in $*
    vim -f +"syn on" +"run! syntax/2html.vim" +"wq" +"q" $f
but I have found that since I use light text on a dark background results are disappointing when printing.
For timing out logged on users. This has a reference to a non-existent page on it.
various compression and uncompression utilities compatible with PKWARE, Inc's PKZIP.
This has got to be the most widely available means of getting files between computers that there is. It runs on CP/M machines and on CRAYs, and lots in between. There is a description of what kermit is. There is a Unix manual page for kermit on-line. The kermit distribution can be got at by FTP with instructions and tips on getting it by FTP (which states (09-MAR-1999) there are no official mirrors) and a list of what is available. See also G-Kermit. (homepage) for the Less page viewer
Networking Utilities
host, ping, traceroute, vrfy
A pretty standard means of distributing changes to text documents and source code, and a utility for incorporating or backing out from these changes. See also for more info about this. On the subject of diffs, the program meld looks useful as a visual diff tool, a good replacement for the old ukctools vdiff program. It is a Python program requiring GTK.
A plotting library used by Astronomers and particle physicists.
"PIKT® is a cross-categorical toolkit for monitoring and configuring systems, organizing system security, formatting documents, assisting command-line work, and performing other common systems administration tasks." I have not tried this yet, but it looks interesting.
PuTTY: A Free Win32 Telnet/SSH Client.
A web page explaining how to use this with old terminfo databases may be useful to users of PuTTY. Andy's Web page contains information about his terminfo entries for vt100-colo(u?)r, and details of the scripts for auto setup on various OS types. He also has entries for IBM terminals too. See also and Eric Raymond's terminfo pages. (For more information on terminals see, which is about both terminals and their emulators.) If a graphical SCP or SFTP client is required you can find them from SecEx Lite does both, and WinSCP just does the SCP part. This info was obtained from the FTP Replacements page at imperial college. Alternatively, SSHSecureShellClient can be obtained from the Non-commercial Download page (provided you qualify), This is a self-extracting executable. It provides an SSH client and a secure file transfer program. See also the SSH information on the Firewalls and Unix Security page from sunhelp.
RCS French, Irish, mirrors) , GNU's Revision Control System
Small GNU RCS Introduction -- Why and How to use RCS. An Introduction to RCS and another from the University of Western Ontario's IT Sservices department. An Introduction to RCS from Unix Unleashed Internet Edition. The Unix FAQ Part 7 compares RCS with SCCS, and Question 7.12 compares the command syntax of the two systems. David Spencer's RCS tutorial. Dave Eaton's Software Configuration Management Info contains the FAQ for See also Source Code Version Control / Software Configuration Management & Unix from sunhelp's Unix Sys Admin Resources. It has lots of CVS resources. See also arch, a system claimed to be better than CVS (but I have not tried it yet, so cannot comment.) This has now forked into Arch and Arx. There is also Subversion which is becoming increasingly popular. There is a freely available book about Suversion, and you could also look at the Pragmatic Programmers' Pragmatic Version Control: using Subversion" by Mike Mason.
tar French, Irish, mirrors).
This is the GNU version of the Tape ARchive utility, for combining many files into one archive file, not necessarily on tape. The Manual French, Irish mirrors) is available on-line. See also: Star. Mondo Rescue may also be of interest.
TCP Wrappers.
Teacup - A Problem Report Management System
I have not tried this yet, but the demo looks good. See also The Tech Tracker Project and my project proposal about help desk software.
A tool for scripting interaction on Windows, and will handle GUI events. There are various alternatives available based on Python, including pywinauto and autopy which is cross platform.
VNC The Virtual Network Computer
Allows the viewing of desktops across the net.
YACAS Yet Another Computer Algebra System
Sysadmin related Utils page
from sunhelp as part of their Unix System Administrator's Resources site. See also the Restricting Users document from the University of York, and this partially connected up See also lsh. Also the UNISOG Mailing list about security in Academia may be of interest.
NcFTP. (UK Mirror)
An FTP client for Unix with a friendlier user-interface, the ability to get things from where the last failed attempt left off, bookmarks, etc. There is also an ftp site.
An alternative to NcFTP
May be some help for dealing with those who think everyone on the net is using a PC running Windows. See also GNU unRTF, Antiword and wvware.

Lists of Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about FAQs
See also Infinite Ink's Writing Periodic Postings (FAQs and PIPs), "FAQs: A Suggested Minimal Digest Format" (Dutch (Utrecht) copy (HTML), USA (MIT) copy (text)), and David Alex Lamb's FAQ Maintenance aids.
RFCs -- Requests For Comments
defined and emerging internet standards. Danish Mirror. US site. A better organised form can be found at and there is also, and RFC Editor. A list of other sources is in the document Finding and Retrieving an RFC. NEXOR's RFC Index Search Form will allow you to search the RFC's for keywords. -- a collection of FAQS in HTML which seems to have gone Internet FAQ Archives.
Utrecht CS News.Answers FAQ Access Methods (FAQWAIS)
Infinite Ink's "Finding Periodic Postings (FAQS and PIPS)".(28-APR-2004 -- gone, now redirects to's Internet FAQ Archives.
Linear Programming FAQ.
World Wide Web
From the comp.lang.editors newsgroup .
xterm FAQ.
alt.usage.english FAQ.
from the alt.usage.english newsgroup.
Framemaker ( copy of the FAQ))
Info on the document preparation tool
Perl FAQs.
PostScript FAQ.
from comp.lang.postscipt.
Shell programming FAQs.
From comp.lang.smalltak. See also the ftp site at, and the info at Bytesmiths.
Solaris 2.
Tcl, Tk and Expect FAQs.
Fractals (UK copy)
From sci.fractals. See also sci.nonlinear FAQ.
Fuzzy Logic
There is an ftp site for Fuzzy Logic at which has demo programs.
The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Evolutionary Computation
the FAQ for in HTML.
Neural Networks
From comp.robotics.
Various AI FAQs
See also Artificial Intelligence Resources on the Web. A collection of AI links. Jörg Keitlötter's resources which are at the Santa Fe institute, and Paul Carr's links. includes links to The Carnegie Mellon University's AI Repository. Various FAQS and Tutorials on AI, chaos and self organising systems can be found at CALResCo The Complexity & Artificial Life Research Concept for Self-Organizing Systems has excellent resources in this area.

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