Feng Chen


Senior Lecturer, School Head of Research Students
Coordinator of Doctoral Training Programme in Cyber Technology
Cyber Technology Institute, De Montfort University
5.32 Gateway House, Leicester, LE1 9BH, England
Voice: +44 (0)116 257 7860
Email: fengchen@dmu.ac.uk


Hi, I am “FengChen” …, a current Senior Lecturer in Cyber Technology Institue at De Montfort University. I am from Dalian, which is a beautiful city in northeast of China. I received my BS degree from the Department of Computer Science at NanKai University, MS degree from the Department of Computer Science at Dalian University of Technology and PhD degree from the School of Computing at De Montfort University. My current research interests are in Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering.

Working Experience

04/2010-Present: Senior Lecturer, School of Computer Science and Informatics, De Montfort University.

03/2009-03/2010: Research Associate, Wolfson School, Loughborough University.

09/2007-01/2009: Visiting Research Fellow, School of Computing, De Montfort University.

08/1997-04/2005: Lectuer, Computer Department, Dalian University of Technology.

07/1994-08/1997: Teaching Assistant in Computer Department, Dalian University of Technology.

01/1995-07/1995: Visiting Scholar in Germany.

Awards and Grants

“Acrossing - Advanced TeChnologies and PlatfoRm fOr Smarter ASsisted LivING”(2016-2019, € 3.8M, DMU € 810K). Co-I, Coordinator of EU Horizon 2020 project.

“A Feasibility Study of the Use of Smart Textiles to Support Assistive Living”(2017-2018, ₤ 2K). PI, internal RIF project, De Montfort University, UK.

“Marketing of Professional Training Courses within Cyber Technologies”(3 months, 2016). Supervisor, Internship project, De Montfort University, UK.

“Affordable Virtual Engineering Tools”(2014-2015, ₤ 60K). PI, TSB KTP project.

“Unifying WSL and UML for Software Reengineering”(2006-2007, ₤ 20K). Research Studentship from Laxton Bequest, De Montfort University, UK.

“Agentification for Web Services”(2005, ₤ 5K). Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) Supporting, Visiting Research Fellow, De Montfort University, UK.

“Multi-interface Virtual Operating System Based on Windows”(2003). Young Natural Science Fund, Dalian University of Technology, China. Third Prize of Information Innovation in Liaoning Province, China.

“MIS for Environmental Protection Administration”(2003). Second Prize of Dalian Information Application, China.

“General Smart Card Declaration Terminal”(1998). one filed practical new style patent of China, first order in four inventers.

“Contest of Programming”(1996). Third Prize in Liaoning Province, China.

Developing Experience

03/2009-10/2009: SOCRADES project. European research and advanced development project. IST initiative of the European Union's 6th Framework Programme.

06/2007-12/2007: SPADzero Sign Communication Control System, Dailys UK Ltd.

07/2005-06/2007: FermaT Integrated Platform (FIP), Software Maintenance Ltd. (SML), UK

04/2004-10/2004: Scale Invariant Feature Transform Research for FUJIFILM Imaging & Information Institute

09/2003-03/2005: CMIS for Huafu Printworks Plant

04/2003-08/2003: MIS for Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine

06/2002-12/2002: PLC Simulation System for 2000t/d Cement Product Line

08/2001-12/2002: MIS for Environmental Protection Administration

02/2001-02/2002: Posix Standard Virtual Operating System Based on Windows

06/2000-06/2002: CMIS for Qinling Cement Enterprise

06/1998-12/1999: Tax Declaration System

04/1998-12/1998: SDH Utilities for NEC Company

08/1996-07/1997: Communication Interface Middleware of Card Transaction Support

08/1995-02/1996: Counselling System for Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine

01/1995-07/1995: Fuzzy Controller for Sewage Process in Germany

Selected Publications Since 2014

(IF=4.639) Triboan, D. Chen, L., Chen, F., Wang, Z. (2019) A semantics-based approach to sensor data segmentation in real-time Activity Recognition. Future Generation Computer Systems. 93, 224-236

(IF=3.557) Ding F., Liu Y., Chen X., Chen F. (2018). Rising Star Evaluation in Heterogeneous Social Network. IEEE Access. 6, 29436-29443

(IF=3.241) Zhang, Y., Guo, H., Chen, F., Yang, H. (2017) Weighted kernel mapping model with spring simulation based watershed transformation for level set image segmentation. Neurocomputing. 249, 1-18

(IF=2.278) Yang, H. Chen, F., Aliyu, Y. (2017) Modern software cybernetics: New trends. Journal of Systems and Software, 124, 169-186

(IF=1.924) Triboan, D. Chen, L., Chen, F., Wang, Z. (2017) Semantic segmentation of real-time sensor data stream for complex activity recognition. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing. 21(3), 411-425

Cope, J., Siewe, F., Chen, F., Maglaras, L., Janicke, H. (2017) On data leakage from non-production systems, Information & Computer Security, 25(4), 454-474, Emerald

Cope, J., Maglaras, L., Siewe, F., Chen, F., Janicke (2017) A Framework for Minimising Data Leakage from Non-Production Systems. Book chapter, In book: Bigdata Analytics: Tools and Technology for Effective Planning. Chapman and Hall/CRC.

Psychoula, I., Chen, L., Chen, F. (2017) Privacy modelling and management for assisted living within smart homes, e-Health Networking, Applications and Services (Healthcom), IEEE. (Best Paper)

(IF=1.063) Triboan, D. Chen, L., Chen, F., Wang, Z. (2016) Towards a Service-oriented Architecture for a Mobile Assistive System with Real-time Environmental Sensing. Tsinghua Science & Technology. 21(6), 581-597

Chen, F., Al-Bayatti, A., Siewe, F. (2016) Context-aware Cloud Computing for Personal Learning Environment. Book chapter, In book: Cloud-Based STEM Education for Improved Learning Outcomes, IGI Global.

(IF=0.613) Chen, F. et al. (2014) A Precondition-based Approach to Workflow Oriented Software Re-engineering. Computer Science and Information Systems, 11(1), 1-27

AlHakami, H., Chen, F., Janicke, H. (2014) An Extended Stable Marriage Problem Algorithm for Clone Detection. International Journal of Software Engineering & Applications (IJSEA). 5(4), 103-122

AlHakami, H., Chen, F., Janicke, H. (2014) SMP-Based Approach for Intelligent Service Interaction, International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications (IJACSA). Special Issue on Extended Papers from Science and Information Conference 2014, 124-131.

PhD Examination

PhD external examiner: Masoud Khamallag, University of Bradford, Towards an Improved Framework of E-Government Implementation in Chaotic Environment; Proposed Social Collaboration Model. 2018

PhD external examiner: Richard Greenwell, Edinburgh Napier University, An Approach to the Semantic Intelligence Cloud. 2017

PhD internal examiner at De Montfort University: more than 10 students

Conference Organisation

Local Chair, IEEE Smart World Congress (SWC2019)

General Chair, 2nd Workshop on advanced Technologies for Smarter Assisted Living solutions: Towards an open Smart Home infrastructure (SmarterAAL'19)

Program Co-Chair, IEEE International Conference on Ubiquitous Intelligence and Computing (UIC 2018), IEEE Outstanding Leadership Award

Program Chair, IEEE International Workshop on Software Cybernetics 2017 (IWSC2017)

Program Chair, IEEE International Workshop on Software Cybernetics 2016 (IWSC2016)