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Dr Dylan Menzies
Faculty of Technology
De Montfort University
The Gateway, Leicester



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April 2014
Chairing session on audio applications at AES 136 Convention
December 2013
Presented a talk at Goldsmith's college about audio for virtual environments and games.
November 2013  Attended ICT2013 in Vilnius, Lithuania, a networking event leading to Horizon 2020. 6000 attendees, very impressive organization.I feel a little closer to Europe now.
September 2013
Presenting an invited paper at AES52 in Guildford: Quasi Wavefield Synthesis, modifying WFS for improved reproduction on rectangular arrays, using numerical solutions. Especially useful for stabilizing distant images on a smaller array, without any significant additional rendering costs.
July 2013
Starting a new Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Wernick Ltd in Leicester, manufacturers of market leading electronic percussion instruments. We will be developing an electronics framework for more advanced sensing and processing.
April 2013
Visted IRCAM in Paris to stay with the spatial audio group led by Olivier Warusfel and Markus Noisternig. Many interesting discussions, and expressos. Also presented the O-Bow to a general audience of researchers. Very positive response, and Jean Lochard from the Modalys group then quickly patched it into a modal string model, with very interesting results.
March 2013
Following TEI13 the O-Bow was covered by the New-Scientist and then many others including Wired, Gizmodo, Daily Mail, Arts Journal.
February 2013
Gave first academic presentation of the O-Bow at the Tanglible Embedded and Embodied Interaction conference in Barclelona:
Great feedback from a cross section of top international researchers. Varied and interesting demo session with ~50 exhibits.
December 2012
The Phya has been overhauled and is now hosted on Google Code @ phya-code


- Audio signal processing, physical acoustics, music technology.
- 3D sound and holography, Ambisonics / Wavefield / Binaural.
- Procedural and physical audio synthesis for virtual environments.
- Electronic human interface design, music performance interfaces.

Research overviews here

Publication list with preprints here

  TECH1020  Introduction to Audio Production  -  Desktop audio production, programming with Max/MSP.
TECH2019  Audio Technology 2 - Analog and digital audio electronics, sensors and computer interfaces.
TECH2023  Game Multimedia - Audio production for Games, procedural audio programming with Max/MSP
TECH2047  Electronic Instruments - Modular analog electronic audio design
ENGT5229  Audio Systems (MSc) - Spatial production, room acoustics, audio programming with Max/MS, Java, C++

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