MSc Intelligent Systems and Robotics
MSc Intelligent Systems

The MSc in Intelligent Systems & Robotics (ISR) and the MSc Intelligent Systems (IS), delivered both on-site and by distance learning at De Montfort University, are exciting programmes that aim to teach many new skills to students with computing or other scientific backgrounds. They enable full advantage to be taken of the recent growth in interest in 'intelligent robots' and computational intelligence.

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Within a single year (full time) or 2+ years (part time or by distance learning) a professional qualification can be gained that will allow graduates substantially enhanced career or research prospects. The courses are being offered by the CCI - Centre for Computational Intelligence at De Montfort University, highly rated (4) in the recent Government Research Assessment Exercise.

The two MScs are almost the same. Both consist of eight taught modules plus a project (worth four modules) and seven of the modules are the same for both programmes. The main difference is that MSc ISR has two robotics modules whilst MSc IS has one; the second robotics module being replaced by a Data Mining module. Look at the course structures link to see the titles of the modules and the delivery pattern for each programme.

Computational Intelligence encompasses techniques and methods that can be used to tackle problems that are not solved well by more traditional mathematical and statistical techniques. There are a large number of topics that could be considered but the four areas of fuzzy logic, neural networks, evolutionary computing and knowledge based systems provide an array of tools and paradigms that encompasses much of what is considered to be Computational Intelligence. Mobile robotics and Computational Intelligence techniques go hand in hand and the ability to get mobile robots to react intelligently to their environment is a highly developed research field that is being tackled within the Centre for Computational Intelligence at De Montfort University.

Case study

Why did you apply for the MSc CIR/ISR?
I have always been interested in robotics and artificial intelligence. During my undergraduate studies I learned and used some AI techniques and robotics and since then I knew I had to do a MSc to learn more about these amazing things.

What did you do before? (i.e. what degree? training? jobs? Where did you live?)
I was born in Germany and studied Information Technology at the Berufsakademie Heidenheim. I lived in Ulm, a beautiful old city in the south of Germany, and worked for the Intel cooperation. Before coming to Leicester, I lived in Antwerp, Belgium and worked as a Customer Support Engineer.

What were the best things about the course for you, what did you get out of it?
The modules give an excellent overall knowledge of AI and robotics, with many in depth hands-on labs and course work to apply this knowledge. Another great thing about the course is the enthusiastic staff, always available and very helpful for any questions and problems even when not directly related to the courses.

What do you plan to do next (or what are you doing if you've already finished).?
I an now doing a PhD using flying autonomous robots (helicopters) to research emergent societal behaviours and sonic signatures at the Institute of Creative Technologies (IOCT) at the DMU.

Would you recommend the course to future applicants?
No question about it: YES! I was looking and applying for MSc courses all over the world and in the end desided to do the CIR course at the DMU...and I did not regret my decision once.

What advice would you give them before they start?
Enjoy! :)