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The resources page will provide access to useful sites concerning all aspects of IT Service Management.

Centre for IT Service Management Research Resources

Conference Presentations

itSMF Presentation, Blackpool 1998

Conference Papers

ECIS 1997 The Life of a Public Email Conference

BIT 1997 (Manchester Metropolitan University) Post-Modernist Information Management

UKAIS 1998 (Lincoln University)  A  Dynamic Theory of Information Systems Planning

BIT 1999 (Manchester Metropolitan University) Public Domain Information Systems


Journal Papers

International Journal of Public Sector Management (1993) Information Systems in the Public Sector

International Journal of Public Sector Management (2000) The Commercialisation of Public Sector Information


Other resources, listed by subject area.


Software Documentation

Introduction to Software Documentation (Powerpoint presentation)

Time Billing System Case Study to support presentation.


Software Configuration Management

Services Management


Sinking in the Service Management Sea?


Service Development


Service Quality 

The SERVQUAL Model (Slide)

Service Quality Questions

Influence of Personality on Customer Assessments of Service Quality

Use of SERVQUAL in an academic medical library

Measuring Information Systems Service Quality: Concerns over the use of SERVQUAL Questionnaire. MISQ 21 (2) Abstract

Measuring Information Systems Service Quality: Concerns for a Complete Canvas. MISQ 21 (2) Abstract (Response to above paper).

Pragmatic Perspectives on the Measurement of Information Systems Service Quality. MISQ 21 (2) Abstract (Another response)

Kano Model of Customer Satisfaction



IT Governance

IT Governance Portal

Corporate Approaches to IT Governance: Slide Presentation

IT Governance at Harley-Davidson (CIO Magazine)

IT Governance at the University of Guelph

IT Governance in the State of Iowa (Slides)

Measuring and improving corporate information technology through the balanced scorecard

Guide to a Balanced Scorecard Performance Management Methodology


End User Computing


End-User Applications (Technical Overview)

End User Computing (Slide Presentation)

Treasury Board of Canada End-User Computing Audit

Dodson, B (1995) Harnessing End-User Computing within the Enterprise

Towards User-Oriented control of End-User Computing in Large Organisations.





State of Texas IT Outsourcing Guidelines

Guidelines for selecting an outsourcing service provider

Formation Consulting's Approach to Outsourcing

IT Association of New Zealand Outsourcing Guidelines

How to outsource local government IT

13 Big Mistakes to avoid in outsourcing



Application Service Providers


Computer Weekly ASP News 

Application Service Provider News

Application Service Providers

Application Service Providers Market Model (IDC)

The ASP Boom (Sun MicroSystems)

ASP Application: Site Monitoring

Adam-Wells Real Estate Case Study

Applications Service Providers : A Primer

NetworkWorldFusion Research


Resource Management


Service Level Management

Software Asset Management Methodology

HP targets IT Service Management (1998)

HP Openview Express 

Optimising enterprise IT asset management (IBM)

Asset Management (Janus Technologies)

Availability Management (Tivoli)



Help Desks


Help Desk Institute 

Customer Service Management Group

Help Desk 2000

Association of Support Professionals

Distributed Management Task Force

Support Gate


Human Resources Management in IT


IT Staff turnover at Cornell University

Employee Retention : general human resource management advice

Staff Orientation

E-business Skills Gap

Trained IT staff may not be able to cope with real world problems


Make or Buy

Make or Buy: a business decision


Information Systems Procurement


New Zealand IT Procurement (1998)

State of Mississippi Information Technology Service Procurement Handbook

Making Smart IT Choices Center for Technology in Government



Quality Management Systems


Tick IT

The Software Quality Page

Some comments from Carnegie Mellon University's Masters in Software Engineering on Quality

Predictive Quality Control with Software Inspections

Michael Fagan Associates

Personal Software Process

Software Quality Institute Newsletter

Software Quality Assurance Resources

Constructing a Basic Software Quality Regime


Information Systems Security


Resources at the LSE Computer Security Research Centre

University of Glamorgan MSc in Information Security and Computer Crime

BS7799 How it Works

BS7799 Overview

Example of BS7799 Software Support Product

CRAMM User Group.

Logica Security Consulting

Slide show on CRAMM

National Institute of Health (US) IT Security Policies

Security Management Practices Slideshow


Managing E-Services


Slide show on Web Quality E.Kim Southern Illinois University


Managing Intranets



Knowledge Bases


Information Technology Management Web

ManyWorlds Strategic Management Knowledge Base


ZD-Net E-Commerce

NHS Information Authority

IT Support News


IT Service Company Websites


DCE Consultants

JBL IT Solutions



Pink Elephant

Peregrine Systems 

IBM Global Services




IT Service Management Organisations


IT Service Management Forum


Trade Journals


Government IT

Computer Weekly


On-Line Journals


Information Systems Journal

Journal of Strategic Information Systems

Information and Management


European Journal of Information Systems

European Management Journal

Long Range Planning

International Journal of Electronic Commerce

Internet Research

Journal of the Association of Information Systems

Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce

MIS Quarterly

Electronic Journal of Information Systems Evaluation

Journal of Information Technology

International Journal of Service Industry Management

Managing Service Quality 

Service Industries Journal

Journal of End-User Computing



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