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Research Projects

This page provides draft papers and resources  relating to current research projects. Details of complete projects and publications may be found on the resources page. 

IT Service Strategy   (Neil McBride, Ivor Perry)

Treating IT as a service function requires a different approach to IS/IT strategy. Instead of treating the IT strategy exercise as one of defining which computer systems to build, we treat it as one of defining which services to deliver.

The following draft paper provides some notes on an approach to IT services strategy formulation:

IT Service Strategy: Concepts and Way Forward.


Chaos Theory  (Neil McBride)

Chaos theory has been defined as the qualitative study of unstable, aperiodic behaviour in deterministic, nonlinear dynamic systems Ideas from Chaos Theory are being applied in order to understand the way information systems develop. Chaos Theory is being used as an interpretive tool.

Chaos Theory and Information Systems


IT Services and Strategy in Acute Hospitals (Neil McBride, Ray Hackney)

Ongoing research over a number of years has followed the strategy and development of IT within three hospitals through interviews. This work continues as we seek to understand both the internals and external factors that effect IT Services in hospitals.

Information Systems in the Public Sector

Cognitive mapping

History of IT Strategy in an Acute Hospital

Managing E-Services (Neil McBride, Ivor Perry)

When a company delivers services over the Internet, the technical problems associated with the IT support change significantly. We are using ideas from service management and relationship marketing to develop approaches to e-support which are customer focused rather than problem focused. Initial ideas were presented at the 2000 itSMF conference in Birmingham. 

A Customer relationship model for managing e-services

End User Computing  (Neil McBride, Trevor Wood-Harper)

End users are becoming more sophisticated in their use of IT and developing more of their own systems. THe proliferation of end user developed systems becomes a problem for IT Services, but a solution for users. Our research is looking at developing user-oriented view of end-user computing.

Towards a User-Oriented approach to end-user computing.

Workflow and Organisational Culture (Ivor Perry)

Workflow information systems have been used to change organisational culture. Our research is using case studies to examine exactly how workflow information systems affect organisations.

Workflow Information Systems Research Overview

Information Systems Evaluation (Neil McBride)

The evaluation of information systems remains a difficult challenge. We are seeking to develop an approach which assesses the value of an information system to relationships between actors.

A Relationship-Based Approach to IT Investment Appraisal. 

Developing practical applications of Actor-Network Theory (Neil McBride)

Actor network theory described the relationship between the social and the technological. In particular, it seek to explain how technology gets embedded into organisations and social situations. Our work is looking to develop an approach to actor network theory which may be used in organisations to explain technology uptake or to encourage technology uptake.

Using Actor-Network Theory to predict the organisational success of a communication network.

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