IEEE IEEE Computer Society
26th IEEE Annual International Computer Software and Applications Conference

You are strongly advised to take up the offer of accommodation in Keble college. This will place you within 1 minute's walk of the conference rooms, in a charming and quiet quadrangle of the impressive 19th Century College.

From Keble you will be in an ideal location to travel out to the other sites mentioned on this page. Apart from Blenheim, nothing will be more than 20 minute's walk away from where you are staying.

On three conference days, breakfast, luncheons and dinners are provided only for conference delegates staying in Keble. On other days, breakfast is provided.

The is also a map of the conference site. The conference dinner will be held in the Hall and accommodation is provided in Liddon Quad. There is a picture of one of the rooms you would stay in should you choose Keble.

Of particular interest in the Keble museum (apart from the building itself with its massive glass roof supported on cast iron shafts) is a photographic display charting the local dinosaur finds "On the Trail of the Oxfordshire Dinosaurs". Staff of the Department of Earth Sciences recently completed the measuring and description of the largest dinosaur trackway site in Britain, just 13 miles from the centre of Oxford. A 60m long trackway made up of casts of footprints of the giant Megalosaurus has been installed on the lawn in front of the museum. The conference post session and tools fair will be held in the Museum.

If you prefer to book into a hotel, there are a range of hotels listed on the Oxford Link web page, you might consider. Many of these are within 10 minutes walk of the conference site, but all will be more expensive and further away from the site of the conference. If you do plan to book into a hotel, you would be advised to make you booking at least four weeks in advance of the conference as places tend to fill up quite fast.

If you would prefer to opt for cheaper accommodation, and are prepared to travel (perhaps 20 minutes walk) to the conference, then you might consider the wide range of Guest Houses, which offer "Bed and Breakfast". These will typically be cheaper then the hotels and perhaps a little cheaper than the cost of staying in Keble itself. You can find a list of guest houses on the Oxford Link web page. A good road to pick is Iffley road, where there are many guest houses and where the (pleasant) walk in to Keble take about 10 to twenty minutes (depending upon which end of the road you stay at).