26th Annual International
   Computer software and applications conference, Oxford England 26-29th August 2002
  • It has been a centre of learning since the 12th century. It was innovatory in having Statutes to provide for academic education under collegiate discipline but secular guidance.
  • You can drink real ale in old riverside inns
  • You can see the blackboard used by Einstein for his Rhodes Memorial lectures in 1931
  • You can punt on the river
  • The very stones resonate with historical significance
  • You can visit the locations used in Inspector Morse
  • It was the alma mater of many famous men and women, including 24 British Prime Ministers and several Prime Ministers and Heads of State of other nations.

  • It is a beautiful and unique city
  • You can enjoy splendid collegiate architecture uniquely set amongst meadows, parklands and gardens
  • It is rich in literary associations
  • It is the home of Frank Cooper's Oxford Marmalade
  • You can walk into a church and hear sublime music
  • The theatres offer a truly eclectic programme of events. BBC Radio 3 has declared The Oxford Stage Company "without doubt one of the UK's finest theatre companies"
  • You can shop till you drop
  • Eating out is a pleasure - you can enjoy well-cooked food in a convivial ambiance.
  • You can visit Blenheim Palace

    Perhaps your first visit should be to the Information Centre. This is located just off Beaumont St a little way towards Worcester Street from the Randolph Hotel. Here you can pick up many useful guides and brochures about Oxford. Be prepared for delays as it gets busy and 2 or 3 assistants have to deal with queries and tills.
  • Woodstock
  • Why Visit Blenheim Palace?
  • Where to Eat
  • Inspector Morse
  • Shopping
  • Views
  • Pubs
  • Getting out and about
  • Touring from Oxford
  • Churches and Places of Worship in Oxford
  • Punting
    You are strongly advised to take up the offer of accommodation in Keble college. This will place you within 1 minute's walk of the conference rooms, in a charming and quiet quadrangle of the impressive 19th Century College. From Keble you will be in an ideal location to travel out to the other sites mentioned on this page. Apart from Blenheim, nothing will be more than 20 minute's walk away from where you are staying.
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    The rivers have played a leading role in shaping the city of Oxford. It is cited on the Thames but here this great river, known to the Romans as Thamesis, becomes the Isis. However, the exact point at which the river changes its name has never been defined. The river Cherwell (pronounced Charwell) joins the Isis just south of Folly Bridge. Full Coverage

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